Premium Gold Colostrum

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Colostrum with Probiotics for a healthy body and a happy tummy, providing you and your family the ultimate immunity defence! Premium Gold Colostrum is SUGAR FREE, HORMONE FREE, GLUTEN FREE AND FREE FROM BSE AND FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE.

Why Is Colostrum Important to Us?

Colostrum has been reported to significantly relieve joint pain, increase mobility and reduce morning stiffness. Colostrum has also therapeutic and healing effect for infections and tissue repairment due to the presence of bovine colostrum that contains immune-regulators called Proline-Rich-Polypeptide (PRP), which is highly potential in managing immune system by regulating autoimmune/inflammatory responses which is believed to be the cause of arthritis. With 2billion cfu of active probiotics per glass from the bovine colostrum wholly sourced from New Zealand that has high in natural antibodies, this formula is definitely great assuring and supporting your immune system!

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