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Prego® Pasta Sauce. So full of flavor, you don’t need to add a thing™. Prego® locks in layers of flavor by gently simmering vine-ripened tomatoes and adding the perfect blend of seasonings like savory oregano, sweet basil and garlic. So if you’re short on time or ingredients, or you simply want a pasta sauce that’s perfect right out of the jar, Prego® is for you.
Vegetable Oil( Canola, Corn, Soybean), Mushrooms, Whey Solids( Contains Milk), Butter( Contains Milk), Salt, Soy Protein( Contains Soybean), Garlic, Cheese( Contains Milk), Sugar, Cream( Contains Milk), Black Pepper, Parsley, Yeast Extract, Contains Monosodium Glutamate As Permitted Flavoring Enhancer, Contains Modified Starch, Thickener( Wheat Source) As Permitted Food Conditioner, Contains Permitted Flavoring Substances(Soybean, Wheat Source).

  1. fionayyl03
    526 reviews

    Love the taste of umami and mushroom mixed together

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 22, 2017

    As a pasta lover, I am always on the look-out for products that will make my pasta dishes more delicious and decadent. This pasta sauce with mushroom in particular has remained one of my many favourites from Prego over the past few years as it always delivers quality and doesn’t fail to disappoint in creating dishes that are yummy, quick and most importantly, convenient. I like that the product comes in the form a can instead of a glass jar as sometimes, the glass jar versions can be a little overwhelming if you don’t finish the product in time. It’s great for making dips and for adding more flavour into your dishes too, and not just for making pasta dishes in itself. I really like the flavours and the mushroom bits that are contained in every bite. The flavours are not too salty or MSG-based and you can definitely add lots of more flavours to it if you’d liek as this can be a base for many savoury dishes. I’ve tried making Shepard’s pie with this sauce as the flavour base, and my pie came out decadent, creamy and aromatic. I simply love Prego products.

  2. Rebecca Koay
    150 reviews

    Tasty mushroom flavor

    4 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2017

    If you’re nuts about mushroom, then you’ll love the Prego Mushroom Alfredo just like me! Although the product claims that it can be cooked on its own without adding additional ingredients, I still added my own shiitake and chicken for a more wholesome mushroom and chicken taste.

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