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cardiovascular (heart) health. It also benefits of calcium for bone health too. 

Firstly, vitamin K2 plays a significant role in calcium utilization for optimal bone and heart health. This is because it puts calcium where it is needed – into bones, not arteries. Moreover, studies shown that there’s a strong association exist between decreased bone mineral density and increased risk of both cardiovascular disease and its death.

However, our diets today do not provide us with enough vitamin K2.  The group of people who are high risk at deficiency of K2 includes those who has chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis, diabetes, and post-menopausal women. Therefore, there is a need for K2 supplementation. Emerging evidence has suggested that vitamin K together with vitamin D may confer protective effects for both bone and heart health.


Firstly, it helps to prevents arterial calcification, the hardening of blood vessels. Secondly, it helps maintain regular heart rhythms and elasticity of blood vessels. Moreover, it balances calcium level for better bone and cardiovascular health. Thus, it promotes stronger and healthier bones. Lastly, it is vegans and vegetarians friendly.

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