Powerlife Hepapho – Liver Health

Product Details

Powerlife Hepapho is good for liver health and protection. It is a combination of Milk Thistle (active ingredient: silybin), Phyllanthus Niruri & Dandelion Extract.

Uniqueness of PHOSPHOcomplex® 

  • The silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex
  • Technology and ingredients from Italy
  • Improve the bioavailability & aborption of silybin
  • Higher antioxidant activity
  • Enhances the stability of silybin
  • Synergic effect for liver health & protection

Key Benefits

  • Optimise liver’s health and function
  • Support liver cells repair & regeneration
  • Stimulate flow and production of bile acid
  • Protect liver tissues from oxidative damage & overburden
  • Support for healthy liver enzymes activity & nutrient metabolism
  • Support liver’s natural cleansing & detoxifying process
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