Powerlife Bio-A CDE Coenzyme – Supports Energy Level

Product Details

Powerlife Bio-A CDE Coenzyme Q10 contains CoQ10, a key component in producing body’s energy for daily activities. Besides, it features Wacker’s CAVAQ10®, gamma-cyclodextrin (γ-CD) based CoQ10 powder. It is the most effective natural CD complex, an advanced formulation to enhance solubility and bioavailability of CoQ10.

Benefits of Powerlife Bio-A CDE CoQ10 

  1. Firstly, it uses advance technology to increase CoQ10 level in the body.
  2. Secondly, CAVAQ10® is the patented CoQ10 for good absorption.
  3. Thirdly, it is a good quality CoQ10 supplement to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

It is suitable for 

  • Working adult with busy lifestyle
  • Active people or athlete with intensive training
  • Elderly who always feel tired and slower metabolism
  • Statin (cholesterol) medication user to prevent reduction of CoQ10 levels in the body
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