Playboy Men Deodorant Spray Super Playboy

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THE FRAGRANCE A super-seductive fragrance with the power to turn the chat-up routine into a mere formality… First, an unexpected explosion of sparkling bergamot, juicy red apple and spicy black pepper gets her attention… super-fast! Second, an incredible dosage allying the warmness of cinnamon, pineapple’s fruity freshness and a soft lavender touch irresistibly draws her to you… she can’t resist! Can she? Then comes the finale: a subtle blend of wood, amber and patchouli ensures Super Playboy reaches his target… Every time!

  1. sherryever71
    267 reviews

    Press to play

    4 out of 5, reviewed on March 20, 2017

    Buy this for my man because I like this smell.
    There’s tester at shelves that can try and usually I tried the sample before purchase.
    Press to spray the deodorant, easy for him as he always on the go.
    He likes it and says suitable for him.
    Easy to use the bottle, can keep in restroom so he can use after shower.

  2. Sitirohaya60
    4 reviews

    Playboy men deodorant spray super playboy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 11, 2016

    Bau kelakian yang amat memukau.saya selalu beli untuk suami tercinta kerana sukakan baunya yang sangat kuat tetapi maskulin.

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