Planet Barley Leychoi

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High LDL-Cholesterol is BAD
High Oxidised LDL-Cholesterol can be even more DANGEROUS!

Natural nutritious healthy drink enriched with oat Beta-Glucan, Hydroxytyrosol, Alpha Lipoic Acid & organic green barley to help CONTROLLING the level of cholesterol in the arteries andPREVENTING the precipitation oxidation and inflammation of LDL-Cholesterol.

Each sachet contains 3 grams oat beta glucan. The health claims approved by FDA, EFSA and MOH are based on research showing that consuming 3 grams of beta-glucan/day can lower blood cholesterol.

Each sachet contains 5 mg of olive polyphenols. The EFSA has concluded that 5 mg of olive polyphenols daily contributed to the protection of LDL-Cholesterol from oxidative stress.

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