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Made of 100% pure grade Lanolin, PIGEON’s new Nipple Care Cream is hypoallergenic and can be used on the most sensitive skin. During breastfeeding, the nipples may become tender, dry, sore or cracked and this cream helps to soothe and heal cracked skin.

This Nipple Care Cream contains no additives and is fragrance-free. It is completely safe for babies while providing a soothing relief for mothers!

  1. ferdizetty37
    491 reviews

    Berkesan Melembut & melembapkan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 25, 2018

    Saya pernah mnggunakan krim Pigeon Nipple Care ni ketika permulaan mnyusukan bayi pertama sy.Ketika awal penyusuan,puting sy mnjadi kering,kemerahan,pecah2 dan sgt sakit.Saya hampir tidak boleh mnyusukan bayi sy shggalah sy terbaca mngenai krim ni dan terus mencubanya.Tekstur krim ni lembut,sgt cepat mnyerap dan tidak memedihkan luka.Kesannya pula krim ni melembutkan kulit sekitar puting,mnjadikan sy sgt selesa ketika penyusuan.Krim ni juga selamat utk bayi,jd sy x risau jika memakai krim ni ketika penyusuan.Terbaik,harga pun berpatutan,sy sgt syorkan krim ni utk ibu2 yg mnyusu badan.

  2. ilasabran67
    185 reviews

    Very helpful

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 17, 2017

    When I had my boy, it took me quite a while to learn the correct latch-on position as I was so new to it. That resulted in a lot of cuts and bruises on my nipples, which were so painful that I nearly gave up on full breastfeeding. However, I remembered reading somewhere that nipple creams can help so I told the hubby to bring one for me. With the help of lactation consultants (for the right latch-on positions) and my nipple cream, I managed to fully breastfeed my boy.

    No matter how well you latch the baby, it’s inevitable that there will still be some soreness in the beginning. Thankfully the pain only lasts for 1-2 months at the most, after which it usually doesn’t hurt any more. As I had found the nipple cream helpful, it was the first thing I packed into my delivery bag!

  3. sandlee51
    174 reviews

    Effective in Soothing

    4 out of 5, reviewed on May 18, 2017

    I use this nipple cream coupled with Pigeon Manual Breastpump. This cream helps me alot in soothing the pain after breastfeeding or pumping. Highly recommend to breastfeeding mummies.

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