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Every day, we are exposed to health deteriorating free radicals through many factors including environment pollutants such as automobile exhaust, pesticides, herbicides, industry chemicals, chlorine in the water and many more. The consumption of antioxidants helps us to eradicate these free radicals and deter them from the menace they cause to our bodies. Grape seed extract has always been known as a super-antioxidant. Phyto Complex utilizes a high-technology extraction method which allows for the extraction of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), a concentrated and potent super antioxidant, from grape seed. These OPC components have been found to be much stronger and many times more potent than Vitamins C and E. in neutralising free radicals. Phyto Complex helps to hasten the elimination of toxins from our system and protects our cardiovascular health. It also helps in strengthening our immune system, improves blood circulation, repairs damaged collagen and improves the appearance of our skin. As a plant-based antioxidant supplement, Phyto Complex is suitable to be taken even for vegetarians. Formulated with both soluble and insoluble fiber sources, Phyto Complex also helps in easing cold and flu symptoms, and is suitable for long-term use.

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