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If our pillow isn’t comfortable and does not offer the support we need, it goes without saying that it may be impossible to sleep well. Picking up this award for the category of Sleeping Pillow is Phiten, with a collection of pillows fit for a king and/or queen! The AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Hills Sleep features Phiten’s AquaGold silicone balls placed strategically at acupuncture points of the neck and head for total relaxation. Fatigue is relieved as we sleep as the acupuncture points are stimulated. The pillow also pays due focus on the cervix by helping to raise the neck to obtain a natural “S” curve, instead of the inappropriately straightened way we normally sleep. Also available is the Aqua Gold Shiatsu Pillow Standard.

AquaGold Shiatsu Pillow Zero Feeling is yet another revolutionary creation by Phiten for better quality sleep. Suitable for sleeping on the back or sides, it features a concave centre which cradles the neck for a comfortable feel while sleeping. Plus, there is also a comforting elastic softness to it.

These award winners are designed by Japan Certified Sleep Therapist to promote quality sleep through proper sleep posture, enhancing the quality of our deep sleep. These pillows are popular amongst people who suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, and poor sleep quality. Wake up with renewed freshness and energy with a Phiten pillow!

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