Philips Juice Extractor HR1833

Product Details

The Philips HR1833 is a compact juicer with high juice extraction. It fits nicely anywhere on your kitchen countertop and its beautiful design makes it blend in with your modern interior effortlessly.

Key Features 

  • All you need to do is place your glass under the tap and start juicing. Your favourite juice will be ready to serve immediately after.
  • You can make 1.5 L of juice in one go, thanks to the QuickClean extraction system.
  • Juicing small fruits or berries will no long be a hassle. Just place all the berries in at once, with the funnel accessory attached to the feed tube.
  • As the pulp container is transparent, you will always know when it is time to empty it.
  • Prevent any mess on your kitchen countertop with just one simple move. The drip stop spout is detachable and easy to clean.
  1. cikbunga49
    659 reviews

    Memang menjimatkan masa

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 17, 2017

    Philips juicer extractor ni memang bagus kerana menjimatkan masa.
    Sayur dan buah yang ingin dijadikan jus tidak perlu dipotong terlebih dulu terus masukkan ke dalam juicer dan ia akan memproses jus dengan cepat dan hasil juga jus juga banyak.
    Hanya perlu tekan sahaja untuk mengeluarkan jus. Tidak perlu ditapis,memang jus rasa sedap dan tidak melekat pada tekak.

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