Philips Juice Extractor 300W HR 1811

Product Details

  • Dishwasher Safe
    When it comes to juicing a fruit or vegetable of your choice, it is always a hassle when it comes to cleaning the removable parts. The best part of for future owners is it is dishwasher safe. Once you’re done, take it to the sink to rinse it with water and chuck it into the dishwasher for a more thorough cleaning process and before you know it, its ready to go.
  • Small and Compact Design
    Unlike the rest of its competitors, this juicer is great for people with minimal amount of space in their kitchen. It is designed to be compact, ideal for any location. Quickly juice, and quickly clean it to put it back on the shelves or into the cabinets to keep your kitchen prime and spotless.
  •  Juice Anything
    Take on anything; the juicer comes with two speed options, catered to juicing soft and hard fruits or vegetables. At 300W of power, it guarantees a smooth texture, which is great for your body and digestive process. Whether you’re juicing watermelons, celery or leek, to the harder carrots, ginger, apples, mango or otherwise, rest assured you will be sipping your cup of juice without clogging your bendy straws.
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