Philips HD9104 Food Steamer

Product Details

Philips steamer with perfect settings for every meal with Philips HD9104 Food Steamer.

Key Features 

  • The unique Aroma Infuser of the Philips steamer adds delicious aroma of herbs and spices, bringing even more taste to steaming. Simply pop your favourite herbs and spices into the booster, and let steam do the rest.
  • The heat from the steam releases delicate aromas from the herbs and spices, which thoroughly infuse the food with their mouth-watering flavours.
  • 2 baskets to steam different ingredients and can fit 6 eggs per basket at the same time.
  • Easily refill the reservoir while in use. Healthy steaming keeps the nutrition in the food
  • Food set timer for fish, vegetables, rice and 5L capacity to fit a whole chicken.
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