Petdiatric Magical Oatmeal Enrinched Shampoo

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Natural Puppy Shampoo With 2.5% pure oatmeal extract

OATMEAL Magical is the ideal solution to pet’s owner that needs a balance in good fragrance and effective skin itch relief and dryness control. This is the solution. With25g/ml real oatmeal extract.

Derived from a plant-based formulation made of seed esters, non-ionic linear ethixylate based surfactants, monoethanolamine (fully reacted), and tall-oil fatty acid, OATMEAL Magical works like magic as a solution to skin dryness and itchiness shampoo and it is safe for your pet’s weekly wash.

Direction Apply

Sooth the itch, moist the skin, leave fur soft and supple and smells like a magical oatmeal.

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