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It has been time when we have a pet that is having kidney failure, weak kidney, weak lungs, and easily affected with coughing, most of all, respiratory allergies and causes tear stains. Seeking the right solution in the market had sometime make our live as a loveable parents a hassle and at time, we felt frustrated that even with the hardship, solution is not available.
PETdiatric Laboratories ‘Feelosophy’ is about enhancing Your Pet, Personal and Home Care applications to create a holistic product experience in four key dimensions. Bringing solution that works, value for money and most importantly, widely available near your neighbourhood, want you to have a good time with your pet, less the frustration!
PETdiatric Laboratories latest addition to our family of supplements that bring smiles to many pet owner, is bringing a solution that is a kidney invigorating, and nourishes the lung. Some of the cases of excessive tear stains due to respiratory allergies, can be relieve using the ingredient in Cordyplus. The main ingredient in Cordyplus is made of Cordyceps Militaris, and many others herbal ingredients, that synergizes to bring a specific anti oxidant activities targeting the kidney and lung of your pet.
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