Petdiatric Cluve Active Collagen Conditioning Shampoo

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PETdiatric Laboratories Research since 2010, finding the perfect blend for a shampoo that has the vitality to work perfectly for an Asian weather. We ensure that this range will be friendly to your pet and you. CLUVE Specialize system is a set of grooming system that consist of 4 major steps in grooming. Shampoo carries the number 1 – categorize as step one. Not only that it has a distinctive different from the rest of shampoo that PETdiatric Laboratories introduced earlier to Malaysia, CLUVE specialize system focuses on enhancing after wash effect, achieving a level apart from the normal shampoo.

Technology in Shampoo
CLUVE Active Collagen (AC1) contains soluble collagen, UV-ray protection, Pro-vitamin B5, and an European Conditioners (non-silicone based) with natural fragrance, all for the professional finishing to grooming a perfect dog.

The Benefits of CLUVE Active Collagen Shampoo (AC1):

1. Soluble collagen – to sooth skin with every washes, leaving
it supple and younger.

2. UV-ray protection – to protect the fur from the damaging
effect of UV-ray.

3. European Conditioner – non silicone based conditioner,
ensuring non deposited silicone on your pet skin and fur.

4. Pro-vitamin B5 – reduces split end, giving fur better strength.

5. Panthenol – Brightening! Cleans and brings the color out

6. Color Shine Tech – sharpen the contrast of the fur

7. Lavender Oil Aromatherapeutic Fragrance – Calming

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