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PETdiatric Laboratories Mobiflex Plus is a developed with a combination of 2 collagens, namely Collagen Type-I and Collagen Type-II, for effective joint destructive prevention. The main source of type-II collagen is derived from a technology patented in the USA by InterHealth, UC-II. UC-II is a natural collagen concentration containing 25% undenatured type-II collagen, certified with published journals on its effective for joint health support.

Mobiflex Plus JAPAN formulated ingredient further enhance the expectation in joint prevention supplement. It is 2X faster in reducing pain as compared to Glucosamine based supplement, 2X smaller dosage for easy feeding, 2X the functionality. The combination of 2 X collagen make Mobiflex Plus a very different supplement over the Glucosamine based joint prevention. It side effect other than increasing joint mobility and flexibility is: better and shiny fur.

Mobiflex Plus does not contains any artificial flavoring, NO added msg. It is tested as safe for allergies pets. It is also the safest joint supplement in the market as of press time.

Mobiflex Plus stops the destructive process of joint degeneration. Making it an ideal joint prevention supplement, proudly presented to Malaysia by PETdiatric LAB.

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