Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella Block

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Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella is produced using the finest quality milk at Fonterra’s state-of-the-art mozzarella manufacturing facility in New Zealand.
Developed specifically for professional pizza makers, Perfect Italiano Mozzarella is made according to the traditional Italian Mozzarella recipe, providing excellent coverage when melted and blistering to a golden brown colour with minimal oiling off.
Perfect Italiano Mozzarella has the consistent quality and superior stretch that’s sure to enhance any pizza.
  1. Aikoaiko25
    1052 reviews

    it was so creamy And milky and smooth.

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 23, 2017

    This product worked out great for BBQ I had at my home. Everyone asked what brand and where did I purchase it. I stuffed chicken with this and I mad tomato basil mozzarella snacks and it was so creamy And milky and smooth.

  2. Nor Othman
    1346 reviews

    great for pizza

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 19, 2017

    Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus is perfect for pizza as its name suggests. Good combination of some kind of cheese, it’s getting golden brown and melt well. I love the flavour as well.

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