Pearlosophy Smart Boosting Serum

Product Details

Product Concept – 3p

  • Pure Ingredient

The natural pearl extract is the core ingredient of our brand. We use Advanced imported pearl effective extract, With a variety of natural plant ingredients, as the Product research and development foundation of our brand. We insist on using the purest ingredients, did not use the ingredient may took effect to the environmental. Also, we did not use the ingredient that may cause skin irritation. This is the first principle of our brand.

  • Place of Origin

All origin had the certification of the place, we will not use any material without any proof of place and unknown origin, The most important thing is that the product has its proper function. We are not looking for an exaggerated description of the effect of the product, Only the pursuit of the product should achieve the ultimate effect, make users have good experience on our product. Formulas must be confirmed by time and scientific methods, Its described efficacy is by no means harmful or ineffective to the skin, to achieve the user’s full recognition and satisfaction。

  • Proven Formulation

A good product not only gives us a good feeling of use,

A variety of utility

  •  Perfectly mix with water & Cream
  • Perfectly repair the skin with personal use
  • can use in everywhere, weather and season
  • Lightweight travel must-have item

Usage Method

  1. Apply essential oil directly – essence without greasy instant absorption, to reduce wrinkles and improve rough, dry and non-elastic skin texture in one time.
  2. Apply after shower – make body skin feel Moisturizing silky, skin will nor feeling dry when Autumn and winter come


Skin sunburn

  • Moisturizes quickly
  • Quickly repair damaged skin

Body massage Treatment

  • Activate meridians

Allergic redness

  • Quickly repair

Before & after exercise

  • Partial Massage
  • Avoid skin damage



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