Pearlosophy Gold Foil Mask

Product Details

Product Concepts-3P

  • Pure Ingredient
  • Place of Origin
  • Proven Formulation

Why Choose us?

This product uses a revolutionary double membrane design inside and outside. Gold foil outer membrane completely sealed to achieve deep spa skin care effect. Compared with past gum technology, it enhances the moisture retention and stability of the skin, prevents the evaporation of effective ingredients,remove the dirty thing and pufiry skin.At the same time to form a moisturizing protective film. 10 minutes to create hydra-elastic skin.

Principle Components

This product is rich in a variety of natural repair anion, the skin is like in a sealed capsule, the active essence Zhuoxie soaked, while the skin impurities easily remove, purifying the skin while leaving the skin smooth and delicate, infiltration, deep penetration, purification , Repair, nourish.

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