PAU Brand Pure Ghee

Product Details

PAU Brand Pure Ghee are from New Zealand. They give a natural dairy flavour and creaminess to finished products and is a perfect high quality fat ingredient. PAU Brand Pure Ghee are made from 99.9% pure milk fat, product only from fresh cream that assures its granular texture and rich aroma.

PAU Pure Ghee are :

  • Free from moisture and contains no chemical additives
  • NO preservatives and flavours
  • NO foreign fats and other impurities

Suggested Usage

Pure ghee is an excellent cooking medium which brings out aroma and flavour of many foods. It is an delicious alternative to butter and other cooking oils. It combines perfectly with wide variety of spices use in frying, baking , roasting or even as spread on chapattis/roti etc.

  1. Riduan Halim
    136 reviews

    Best Minyak Sapi

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 30, 2017

    Dari dulu sehingga sekarang kami sekeluarga tetap memilih jenama Pau bagi minyak sapi. Dengan menggunakan minyak ini kami boleh masak pelbagai jenis nasi dan juga kuih muih. Baunya yang sedap dan tidak menjejaskan makanan.

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