Panasonic 3.0L Electric Pump Thermo Pot

Product Details

The 3.0L Panasonic Electric Thermo Pot keeps water hot and ready for your use.

Key Features

  • The pot enables you to choose between four temperature settings, plus a reboil setting to warm up water that has cooled. With the pot’s easy-to-read water gauge, you will always know how much water is remaining.
  • This water hot pot features a fluoride containing Binchotan-carbon emitting far-infrared and 6 hours Energy Saving Timer.
  • Also features slow-drip feature for drip-brewed coffee
  • This Panasonic 3.0L Electric Pump Thermo Pot also features a tightly closing lid, so that hot water stays in the unit in the event of an accidental tipping.
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