Panasonic Cubie Steam Oven

Product Details

This Panasonic NU-SC100 Cubie 15L steam oven specially features with a quick and healthy steaming which allow you to enjoy quick steam dishes at home. Thus, now you can serve your food with all its wonderful tastes.

Key Features

Fast Starting

  • After the steam is generated only 20 seconds, the fan creates a convection flow and the oven reaches 100 degrees Celcius in less than 3 minutes and an entire fish can be quickly steamed.

Steam Modes

  • You can select the steam mode to match the ingredients. Choose steam low for puddings and veggies, steam mid for chicken and seafood, and steam high for an entire fish or frozen food.

Sterilize Kitchenware

  • You can sterilize dishes, baby bottles, and other items with high-temperature steam. Thus now you can keep everything safe for babies.

Cooks Meat to Juicy

  • You can set the temperature to 100-230 degree celcius to achieve the exact cooking results that you desired.
  1. nabilahalias38
    13 reviews

    All in one!

    4 out of 5, reviewed on May 15, 2020

    This is a very useful gadget in the kitchen. Multifunctional, and very compact – really space saving.

    Very practical as it is very easy to use. I used it for steaming – not to worry of water getting dried up, and could just leave the food to be steamed up, no need to monitor. It will stop once its done.

    Also use it for baking cakes, grilling meat. And also sterillizing bottles and equipments. Really making life easier for a busy mom like me.

    The downside of it would be the small size, so everything needs to be of the smaller portions. Other than that i am very impressed.

  2. keloh69
    3 reviews

    Best cubie oven

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 18, 2018

    User friendly. And hassle free while steaming with the preset menu. Not to worry of running out of water. With the preset menu, it is so easy to operate, even my 11 years old kid also can cook by himself. It also can use for baking. All in one!

  3. irenechan597430
    66 reviews

    Wicked cool piece of kitchen equipment

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 9, 2017

    This is a marvelously useful and easy to operate device. I am pleased that the water reservoir is large enough that I don’t have to worry about the water running out while a large chicken is cooking. I have used the steam & convection oven for vegetables, using the steam setting and the veggies came out just beautifully, retaining their color. I’ve also roasted chickens with the steam convection bake and they’re very tasty and look fantastic with browned skin while being moist inside. I find it takes a bit of adjustment. Chickens are obviously not all the same size and I’m finding that baking them at 375 degrees, and not 400 or 425 makes for a more attractive and edible chicken. At higher temperatures the leg meat gets overcooked and dry, while the breast portion is perfectly moist and tender. I haven’t used it for toast as I love my Cuisinart toaster. I’m happy I bought this cool item.

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