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OrthoFlex by bioVERSA is a very powerful and effective Natural Phyto PolyPhenol Anti-inflammatory engineered forcontrol and treatment ofChronic Inflammatory conditions including all kinds of Joints Pain. The natural healing process of our body will begin only whenchronic inflammationiscontrolled or absent.

OrthoFlex by bioVERSAis also designed for those who do not tolerate well the many dangerous and adverse side effects of NSAID. OrthoFlex by bioVERSAis a most advance and powerful NaturalPhyto-Polyphenol Functional Dietary Supplement created for the treatment ofChronic Inflammation and and its associated Pain.

It is specially engineered to provide maximum effective support and relief for all kinds of chronic painful- inflammatory and disabling joint- tendon and muscular conditions; especially those that were caused by all forms of Arthritis- Tendinitis- Chronic Overuse Injuries and others.

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