OriCell™️ e-Lumii

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OriCell™️ e-Lumii is a natural JAPAN Formula drink with a unique blend of patented eye boosting nutrients & antioxidants dedicated to the lens, macula and retinal area of eyes. The formula used standard bilberry extract (Bilberon®), marigold (Xanmax®) and saffron (Affron®) as well as other high antioxidant ingredients, which help to relieve the common eye symptoms caused by prolonged usage on digital devices, energy-efficient indoor lighting & harmful UV, such as dry eyes, tired eyes, reduced visual acuity, impaired vision, macular disease, cataracts, ocular hypertension, etc.

It comes in an individual sachet and is an easy-to-carry drink eye supplement. In addition, the abundance of antioxidants in OriCell™️ e-Lumii also helps to brighten and adds glow to the skin, as well as boosting your skin’s radiance.

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