OPPO Neo 7 Smartphone

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External Appearance
The OPPO Neo 7’s back uses optical coating and fiber glass for increased strength and elasticity, and achieves a thinness of only 0.56 mm. Special laminating processes make the Neo 7’s back look smooth and clear, while it reflects light like a mirror. Color options include ceramic white and deep black. With a 5.0 inch screen, the Neo 7 is perfect for single-handed operation.


Micro-arc Frame
Based on the methodology of concentric circular arc cutting, the Neo 7’s frame creates a unique streamlined arc. The rounded edges in its design convey a sense of ease and premium comfort in hand. The frame comes in two different colors, golden and silver.

The Camera Platform Takes Flight
The PI 2.0+ imaging platform contains various plug-ins for extended camera functionality. Functional plug-ins can be added or deleted according to one’s needs. The camera can be customized to your preference, including the taking of selfies, photographs, videos, or funny pictures!


5 Megapixel Front Camera
A 5 megapixel front camera with higher light-sensitivity and frame rate effectively reduces noise to take clear pictures and videos. Equipped with Beautify 3.0 and Filters, each selfie will be perfect.


Larger Pixel Size and Aperture for Better Images
The OPPO Neo 7 uses an 8 megapixel back-illuminated sensor with a photosensitive area of up to 1/4 inch, a wide F/2.0 aperture which allows more light to pass, and lets you create stunning images in all scenarios.


UltraHD shoots six photos consecutively and combines the best parts of each to a 24 megapixel ultra high-definition image, which has four times the clarity of ordinary photos.

*This feature is for 4G version only


Colorful Night Shot
The Colorful Night Mode uses a smart multi-frame optimization and synthesis algorithm to effectively remove noise and improve brightness and clarity. This mode can refresh the gorgeous night.

*This feature is for 4G version only

Screen Flash
The Neo 7’s screen lights up to brighten selfies in low light. With a light-senstive sensor that can adjust the screen brightness perfectly to your face, you can take great selfies regardless of the light conditions.

Beautify 3.0
Beautify 3.0 for the front camera has 3 built-in beautification modes: low, medium and strong. Switch this mode on to capture your beauty immediately.

Various Filters
Every Filter mode has a unique sentiment and style, 11 different built-in filters for one-step image enhancements. You can easily edit your images without downloading additional apps.

Double Exposure
Take two separate photos and overlap them into one final image, resulting in a unique and fun photographic effect.


Dual SIM and Expandability
The OPPO Neo 7 is configured with two SIM card slots to make switching between business and private use easy. Both slots support 4G networks with top speeds of up to 150 Mbps and make surfing the web or watching online videos a breeze. The microSD card slot supports memory expansion of up to 128 GB to document more moments of your life.

*The memory expansion for 3G version is up to 32 GB
*For the network speed of 3G version, please refer to actual speed rate


All New ColorOS 2.1 Based On Android 5.1
14 months of refinement have gone into perfecting ColorOS 2.1. Based on Android 5.1, our system is responsive, allows for smooth and steady scrolling, and offers more memory and power to Neo 7 users.

Quality design for us means keeping it simple, while accentuating the core content and prioritizing information accordingly. The result is a clear, stable and delightful user experience.

Quick Scan
Quick Scan will automatically clean the memory & cache garbage with a tap to keep your phone running smoothly.

Homescreen Management
ColorOS 2.1 has a specialized three-in-one efficient management and organizing function. Shake the device for automatic sorting, quick transfers across pages, and management of icons by batches.

Lockscreen Magazine
Every time you switch your phone on, the style of your screen changes to give you a different mood.

  1. Avatar

    13 reviews


    3 out of 5, reviewed on March 2, 2018

    OK la… This model, camera, speaker.. Design all pass. But this price …why only 1Gb RaM??!! More coustomer mind about this issue and won’t buy this MODel? oppo oi, boleh maju sikit tak… Utama spec…

  2. Nor Othman
    1346 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 19, 2017

    Really nice phone…gud cam ,display quality comparing to the this price phones… but phone has little hang and battery chrg prblm.but it is not a huge negative as campiring to its positve side of the phone

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