Opceden Bilberry Eyebright Plus Chewable

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Opceden Bilberry Eyebright Plus Chewable contains four of the most powerful eye food:

  • Bilberry-(contain natural plant chemicals called flavonoids that play an important part in the protection of the most sensitive areas of the eye.)
  • Grape Seed-(Grape Seed extract obtained from the seeds of red or white grapes (Vitis Vinifera). It contains a range of polyphenol and a strong anti-oxidant fruit.)
  • Eyebright-(Eyebright was used in the 14th century as an eye medicine and was said to “cure all evils of the eye”. Traditionally, Eyebright has been used to treat mild eye conditions such as irritation and redness.
  • Wolfberry-or known as Goji Berry (Wolfberry is commercially known as Gou Ji in Chinese market, traditionally used to help and promote preoper eye function.)
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