Omron Forehead Thermometer MC-720

Product Details

Provides non-contact forehead temperature measurement suitable for all ages, including infants and young children.


  • Forehead Measurement Mode

This mode displays the oral-equivalent value of the measured forehead temperature. This unit measures the temperature at the surface of the forehead by sensing infrared emission of the skin at the measured point, and then calculates the oral-equivalent value using a unique algorithm based on actual body temperature survey data.

  • Room Temperature Mode

The room temperature remains on the display even after the unit turns off.

  • Surface Measurement Mode

Surface measurement mode shows the actual and unadjusted surface temperature of an object, which is different from the body temperature. This mode can help you determine if the object temperature is suitable for a patient or baby (such as baby milk).

  • Gentle and Easy to Use

The Forehead Thermometer is non-intrusive. A measurement can be taken even while the child is sleeping. It offers a more comfortable temperature measurement especially to young children.

User Friendly Features

  • Easy-to-hold design
  • Backlight provides visibility in the dark
  • Last reading on the same display with current reading
  • °C / °F mode
  • Silent mode
  • 25 memories


  1. sallyinlee93
    1004 reviews

    Hospital Grade Thermometer

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 19, 2017

    We bought this thermometer is because an advice from a nurse in hospital when I just give birth my baby.
    They said this is the most fast and accurate thermometer to check our baby’s temperature.
    The price is very expensive, but this is very accurate and used friendly!

  2. connienee30
    139 reviews

    Worth every penny

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 17, 2017

    The product looks friendly enough. It’s a nice solid moulded piece of glossy plastic with a durable protective cap. The display is nice and large. Very readable. The fact there are only 2 buttons that do everything from changing settings and turning off the device mean that some functions and modes that a while to learn and the unit requires you to hold a button for over 5 seconds to turn off.

    Taking measurements is super easy. You simply hover the head of the device towards the item you want measured. I placed it close to my forehead and it beeped and displayed my measurement instantly. I’m sure you can do the same across a variety of things. Baby’s milk temperature for instance is something the manual describes can be measured. Along with surfaces that I imagine have an even temperature throughout.

    Once turned off the unit functions as an ambient temperature sensor. This isn’t something you can turn off without removing the batteries and should only use less battery than a digital LCD clock (my LCD clock with temperature lasts about 8 years+ on a new battery). Making it useful to just have around.

    From what I’ve worked out everything claimed in the description is ture, and seems to live up the statements made.
    I Would buy another Omron product again and would highly recommended this thermometers.

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