The Olive Tree – Lemon Essential Oil

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Cold pressed from the fruit peels of lemons grown in Australia, lemon oil with its refreshing citrus scent not only an instant mood enhancer but also offers a variety of health benefits.


It takes around 30 lemons to produce a bottle of 10ml lemon essential oil.


Known uses of lemon essential oil:-
* Treats acne, congested & oily skin.
* Treats indigestion, acidity & cramp.
* Relieves nausea.
* Aids sleep.
* Relieves stress.
* Eliminates dandruff & strengthens hair.

How to use :
Bath, compress, diffusion, massage
Safety Precaution :
1. May cause skin irritation. Conduct patch test before use.
2. Avoid exposure to sunlight for 12 – 24 hours after use.
3. Use within 8 – 10 months from date of purchase to ensure freshness.

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Plant part: Peel

Country of origin: Australia

Weight: +/- 10ml

Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil

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