OH Woodgrain Ultrasonic Ion Humidifier Aroma Air Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Woodgrain Ultrasonic Ion Humidifier Aroma Air Aromatherapy Diffuser

Air purification effectively prevent many diseases.Aromatherapy function, promote blood circulation and metabolism.Negative oxygen ions, purify air, sterilization dust.Relieve stress, cosmetic whitening, moisturizing.This ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser can keep all the natural ingredients and release essential oil 100% of active ingredients are more likely to be body and skin to absorb, and make the aromatherapy the effect is much better.With the concept of health and its exquisite design suitable for gift to family or friends.

1 designed for creative people to create high-grade,Lightweight slim , elegant minimalist appearance
2.moist and essential oils to ensure every single nutrient absorption , allowing you to enjoy SPA anytime
3.Essential oils and gentle mist molecules distributed in every corner , giving you comfortable and safe and efficient  use of essential oils new experience.
4.Ultra quiet t make sure you sleep comfortably, easily maneuver the workplace.
5.Automatic water protection with a stable and reliable system that allows you to easily enjoy intelligent life
6.Effectively kill bacteria, purify the air, is essential for office and home healthcare guards
– Air purification effectively prevent a variety of diseases ; Aromatherapy function, promote blood circulation and metabolism ;
– Negative oxygen ions , sterilization dust ;
– Imported original transducer, furring , acid ;
– Small power consumption, humidification and strong ;
– Anhydrous automatic shutdown , safe and reliable ;
– External transformer , low voltage operation , no harm the human body

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