OGAWA Spin Pro B1.6 Fan Bike

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Spin Pro B1.6 – Cardio Bike

Save time by getting a full body workout in one session with Ogawa’s Spin Pro B1.6!

This air bike gives you a whole body workout, engages your core and burns more calories. The fan – resistance design makes it 100% operated and powered by YOU.

No messy cord or Outlets required.

Rubber Pad Handlebar with Pulse Detector 

  • Built with solid rubber to reduce slip when used during high intensity training & comes with pulse detector.
  • Placing both of your palms on teh contact pads to enable pulse rate to be shown on the digital display

Adjustable Seat Post 

  • Adjustable seat that accommodates various heights and lengths which aids proper body posture during exercise.

Ergonomic Saddle

  • Adjust to your preferred positions for a more comfortable practice for a long duration.

Digital Display (6 Functions)

  1. Display Calories Burn
  2. Total exercise time from start to end
  3. (Beats Per Minute BPM) – Pulse rate measurement
  4. Display Current Speed
  5. Exercise Distance from start to end
  6. Display Total Running distance
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