OFFEN Natural Sanitizer Spray
OFFEN Natural Sanitizer Spray

OFFEN Natural Sanitizer Spray

Product Details

OFFEN Natural Sanitizer Spray is an effective and non-toxic sanitizer that is safe for babies. Take this food-grade natural sanitizer spray home today, and start cleansing and sanitize the toys and food tools and equipment without worrying will it be harmful to the human body.
Product features:-
☑ Odourless
☑ No Alcohol, Fragrance and Chemical
☑ Safe for Children
☑ Suitable for allergic and sensitive skin
☑ No rinse required
☑ Gentle, powerful and 100% safe
  1. Ariel
    232 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 23, 2020

    I love how soft and light it is despite having 3 layers of fabric within. The L size fits comfortably on my face and everyone can hear me clearly in the meeting – unlike most thick fabric face masks. When it is a bit stale or grimy, I will freshen it up with OFFEN Natural Sanitizer Spray. I feel so safe wearing this mask – it is high quality indeed!

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