Off! Mosquito Lamp I

Product Details

Protect any outdoor party, shindig, or festivity with the OFF!® Mosquito Lamp I. Activate the diffuser by lighting the candle and you can be sure your get-together will be enjoyable for up to 6 hours.

CONTAINS: 1 OFF!® Mosquito Lamp I & Caddy, 1 Repellent Diffuser, 1 Candle Refillable


  1. Repels Mosquitoes

    The heated diffuser releases mosquito repellent.

  2. Up to 6 Hours of Protection

    Each diffuser is designed to last as long as a candle, and each candle and diffuser lasts up to six hours against mosquitoes.

  3. 100 sq. ft.

    Repels mosquitoes in an area up to 10 ft. x 10 ft.

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