Off! Mosquito Coil III Refills

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Entertain on the patio or just have fun in your backyard without the buzzing of annoying mosquitoes with Off! Mosquito Coil III Refills. Its pleasant Country Fresh scent will enhance the ambiance of any outdoor setting. Refills are sold separately for use with Off! Mosquito Coil III. Each refill contains six coils.


  1. Repels Mosquitoes

    Helps to repel mosquitoes in semi-confined areas such as porches, patios and other areas where there is minimal breeze.

  2. 4-Hour Mosquito Protection

    Each coil lasts up to four hours.

  3. 100 sq. ft.

    Protects an area up to 10 ft. x 10 ft.

  4. Scented

    Country Fresh scent.

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    137 reviews

    Every night use to kill mosquitoes

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 12, 2017

    I used it every night to kill mosquitoes. Since my house got a lot of it, so must use it daily to prevent from mosquitoes bite.

    It easy to use. Put it in the aluminium case and light it. It will stand all nighy until morning. So my nights will free from mosquitoes.

    Must keep it out of children. Put under bed or in the upper place so that child can’t reach it. Also free from fabric since it’s easily burn.

    Its smell okay. Not too harsh.

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