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OFF! Bug Control I is a concentrate that, when attached to a hose and sprayed around a backyard perimeter, will protect an area up to 16,000 sq. ft. OFF! Bug Control I will kill 110+ insects outside the home on outdoor surfaces for up to 8 weeks. It works to kill and repel insects on trees, shrubs, vegetables, and ornamentals.


  1. Backyard Protection

    Effective mosquito treatment for the backyard perimeter.

  2. 16,000 sq. ft.

    It covers up to 16,000 sq. ft. and kills insects outside on outdoor surfaces for up to 8 weeks.

  3. Effective

    Kills 110+ insects.

  4. Two Settings

    The hose end has two setting options to give you the coverage you need, with a  straight “stream” for taller trees and a “fan” pattern for low-lying plants and gardens.


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    109 reviews

    Simply Magic!

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 29, 2017

    Honestly, this stuff is magic. I had so many mosquitoes in my yard. I would get new bite even if i was out there for just a couple of minutes. I sprayed the cutter backyard bug control in my back yard including on my lawn, wood deck (deck is large and the length of the house) and table, along with walls of the house on my stone walkway, grass, shrubs, trees, etc.

    We’ve enjoyed BBQ’s all weekend and no ants on the table any longer. Don’t see them on the deck or around my vegetable garden. Mosquitos also seem to be under control. Works great.

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