Oenobiol Capteur / Captivator 3 in 1 for Weight Loss

Product Details

Oenobiol Captivator 3 in 1 for Weight Loss is a fat burning food supplement with triple scavenging action.


Oenobiol pickup 3 in 1 tablets helps to capture fats, fast and slow sugars and 50% of calories absorbed.

  • Food supplement tablet with a patented complex with 100% natural fibers (fibers of carrot, apple and oats), preservatives and gluten, for reducing action
  • With lowering effect
  • Captures inter- and intra fiber for optimum absorption.
  • It provides a sense of satiety
  • It helps to eliminate excess fats and sugars
  • Ideal to lose weight naturally

How to use

Take 1 tablet of Oenobiol Captivator 3 in 1 for Weight Loss, twice a day, at the beginning of the meal, with a glass of water. Take a break of five days after taking the 1st package.

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