OCOC Organic Coconut Sugar

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OCOC Organic Coconut Sugar is a healthy alternative sugar that can easily be incorporated into your diet and into recipes. Sourced from the finest coconut trees, OCOC Organic Coconut Sugar is made without any bleaching agent and has a high nutritional value, which makes it safe and healthy for your family consumption. It also easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids.

OCOC Organic Coconut Sugar contains fibre, called inulin, which can slow glucose absorption into the blood stream. This stabilising effect on blood sugar does not cause sugar levels to rise sharply in the blood stream which will tax the pancreas to the point where the person becomes diabetic. The presence of inulin explains why the glycaemic index of coconut sugar is lower than normal sugar table.

Inulin also stimulates good bacteria in the stomach, whereas white sugar kills them. As a result, consuming coconut sugar promotes the growth of good bacteria in the stomach.

OCOC Organic Coconut Sugar can be used as a healthy substitute for other sugars in a 1:1 ratio. Its caramel-like flavour and natural sweetness make it tastier than regular sugar. It can also be used as an alternative for cane sugar in many recipes.

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