Oasis 7L Azure Thermal Cooking Pot

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Thermal Cooking Pot is known as the energy saving cookware, not only that, it helps to preserve the original flavour while saving your time as well. Suitable to be used in cooking soup and food that requires little attention. It is also portable, making it suitable for outdoor usage as well.

  1. connienee30
    135 reviews

    Perfect size for my family and it works as expected!

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 21, 2017

    I make all kind of soup, and it always cooks perfectly. Just need to bring it to a boil, and chicken will be juicy and tender after 2-3 hours. Another very invaluable bonus of this cooker is this, since this does not require any electric, I can feel completely safe to set it to work, before I leave the house for the day and come back for tasty food.

    Besides, this thermal cooking pot is great for camping or going outdoor with family and kids. I added frozen chicken, uncooked rice and other ingredients, boiled for 20 minutes and placed the inner pot inside the insulated outer container and left it sit for 4 hours. It was still too hot to eat after opening it.

    It is EASY to remove– if you heat it with a hair dryer on high heat and gently peel the label and keep the heat moving as you peel. Absolutely no residual adhesive. No extra cleaning needed. Make no mistake this is a large unit, dividing it with a separate pot to make curry and rice is an option I want to explore.

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