Nutriva Moriheal Plus
Nutriva Moriheal Plus

Nutriva Moriheal Plus

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Nutriva® MoriHeal plus Rejuvenating Botanical Beverage is made from 100% natural ingredients that include Soursop, Noni Enzyme, Mangosteen Enzyme, Moringa leaf, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Bilberry and Blackcurrant for supporting digestive health, immunity and general well-being. MoriHeal plus is reported to contain high doses of natural antioxidant enzymes called Superoxide dismutase (SOD) up to 91%. SOD acts as the first line of defence against reactive oxygen species (ROS), a group of free radicals within human cells.

Benefits of this Rejuvenating botanical beverage

•Provides high doses of natural antioxidant enzymes- SOD as high as 91%

•Cost effective; one serving per day

•Suitable for diabetics; no added sugar

•Highly concentrated formula without mixing with water

•No preservatives, artificial colours & flavours

•Promotes healthy digestion; relieve constipation

•Reduces tiredness and weakness

•Enhances immune system; anti-inflammation

•Supports liver detoxification

•Prevents prematureageingg and improve skin health

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  1. Avatar

    62 reviews

    Healthy Fruit Juice

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 4, 2019

    Nutriva Moriheal Plus is made from 100% natural ingredients which give me peace in mind to drink it without any hesitation. It not sweet or bitter, in fact, i found the combination of different taste derived from various fruits make it great to drink regularly. The drink gentle to my sensitive stomach, suitable for diabetic patient like me and my constipation has significant improvement in just few days.

    In 14 days, i found that i have better focusing and energy to complete my routine house work. Feel healthier and i can sleep better at night. With their selling price RM 138 for a month consumption, it worth every penny. Highly recommended!

  2. Ai Fen
    3 reviews

    Good start in the morning

    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2019

    Nutriva Moriheal Plus can be consumed as it is, or it can be diluted in the water. I love its tick texture and it has a little sweetness from the fruits. At first, I thought it will be sour to consume, but I was surprise when it tasted so good. It does gives me a better digestive system, where I can feel myself lighter inside. It is indeed a rejuvenating botanical beverage in our daily diet.

  3. Avatar

    43 reviews

    I Love Nutriva Moriheal Plus!!! 😋

    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2019

    Nutriva Moriheal Plus sangat terbaik untuk diamalkan setiap hari… And The best Product Nutriva Moriheal Plus mempunyai tanda cop halal so takde ragu² atau rasa was² untuk diamalkan👍.. memberi tenaga dan seawal pengambilan Product Nutriva Moriheal Plus saya dapat rasakan kulit semakin lembut😍 texture yang tidak terlalu pekat dan tidak terlalu cair just nice & i yakin semua akan suka dengan rasa yang masam² dari gabungan brown rice vinegar dengan buah-buahan terpilih semestinya Terbaik 👍 untuk kesihatan serta membantu berikan quality tahap kesihatan yang lebih baik…. Ia juga sangat membantu sistem pembuangan yang lebih lancar…very recommended untuk yang ada alami masalah sembelit… saya amalkan seisi keluarga 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 terutama adik saya mengalami eczema dan kulit kering dibahagian jari ..setelah amalkan Nutriva Moriheal Plus bahagian kulit kering menjadi semakin pulih dan lembut…kulit nampak lebih sekata dibahagian jari yang kering tersebut….banyak manfaat yang Terbaik terkandung dalam 1 botol Nutriva Moriheal Plus juga ingredients yang pada saya adalah dari bahan yang terbaik dan termahal… 1 botol Nutriva Moriheal Plus adalah ajaib and very recommended kerana mampu berikan yang terbaik untuk gaya hidup lebih sihat dan productive!!! Selamat, sedap dan diyakini halal🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  4. Ariel
    146 reviews

    Give a healthy boost to my day!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 2, 2019

    The juice is thick and nice tasting – the sweetness is completely derived from the many tropical fruits that it is made of. It is very refreshing to consume this in our humid weather, plus it helps boost the immunity and overall health.

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