NU-HEALTH Colon Cleanse

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The importance of maintaining colon health has become more widely recognized. Factors such as diet, fat consumption and fiber content all have the ability to impact colon health. Fortunately, it has become more convenient to do so with products such as Nu-Health’s Colon Cleanse Formula. Colon Cleanse has been specifically designed to promote optimal colon health. It contains Psyllium (from Psyllium seed husks) which is considered to be a great source of fiber. Psyllium supports healthy digestion and elimination and can promote regularity and colon health. Colon Cleanse is a beneficial addition to the diet and is even more convenient to use. Simply add two scoopfuls to your favorite beverage. It mixes instantly and does not leave an unpleasant taste. By adding Colon Cleanse to your daily routine, you are well on your way to maintaining colon health.

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