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NH Vege F’bre Plus Improves your health in 4 PHASES
It is the only fibre drink in the market that prevents the absorption of excessive carbohydrate, fat and calories from your daily meals. It manages your weight by limiting the absorption of carbohydrate and fat by the body and prevents them from turning into fat cells. Your weight management program becomes easy with a cup of of NH Vege F’bre Plus daily!

The onslaught of toxins we take in today, over time, overwhelms our body’s detoxifying system as well as exhausts our digestive system. If toxins are not flushed out regularly, it reabsorbs back to the bloodstream and puts our health at risk. NH Vege F’bre Plus promotes optimum intestinal health, relieves constipation and flushes out waste, toxins and excessive fat from the body. Expect better nutrient absorption and notice your energy levels going up after the accumulated waste and toxins are expelled from the body.

Unhealthy eating habits like a high intake of meat and processed food and a lower intake of green vegetables will upset the pH balance in the body. Our cells are unable to function well in an acidic environment, thus leaving us lethargic. NH Vege F’bre Plus balances the pH level in the body for optimum body function and better immunity.

NH Vege F’bre Plus provides rich botanical nutrients and minerals. It is a good substitute for green vegetables for those who lack green vegetables and have more meat in their diet. Its’ high antioxidant activity protects your cells from free radical damage and improves your skin health.

  1. Avatar

    2 reviews

    Not satisfied

    1 out of 5, reviewed on April 29, 2018

    I bought this for my birthday, & its one of the biggest mistake in my life. The stomach cramp pain is beyond words, could not do anything for the whole day. I reduced to 1/2 sachet a day as recommended by their customer service but still i go through the same horrible pain. Please stay away if u hv gastric/chronic health issues.

  2. Niesa Khairun
    3 reviews

    menyihatkan badan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 10, 2018

    NH Vege F’bre Plus dapat meningkatkan kesihatan dalaman badan saya. selain dapat membuang toksin yang terkumpul, ia membekalkan nutrient yang lengkap dari segi pemakanan. dengan produk ini, dapat membantu saya mendapatkan berat yang ideal.

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