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New Morning Fibre Cleanse is a special blend of soluble & insoluble fibers, chlorophyll, beneficial pre & probiotics and enzymes to facilitate bowel movement while enhancing colon health, thus improving immunity & overall well-being.

Soluble Fibers:

  • bulk forming
  • absorb toxins and inhibit the body’s from toxins re-absorption
  • soften stool and loosen the plaque build-up along the colon walls

Insoluble Fibers:

  • increase stool volume
  • acts like a broom to ‘sweep’ out dirt or toxins
  • speed up transit time of the stool & increase the ease of emptying
  • stimulate a reflex contraction motion on colon and train colon to work
  • help prevent colon cancer by keeping an optimal pH in intestines to prevent microbes from producing cancerous substances


  • absorb heavy metals and toxins


  • promote colon peristalsis
  • normalize the colon pH
  • Prebiotic & Probiotic:
  • balance ratio 85% good vs. 15% bad bacterial
  • promote proper colon hygiene and ecology
  • fight off virus, yeast and harmful bacteria from the colon
  • help to maintain proper colon acid/alkaline balance
  • contains Oligosaccharides to nourish grow the good bacteria colony

All natural ingredients

Free from preservatives, additives, addictives, artificial flavouring


Suitable for vegan

Halal certified


Benefits for:

  • Internal colon cleansing
  • Constipated individuals
  • Fiber supplementation
  • Weight management

Directions of Use:

Mix the sachet with room temperature water or fruit juice. Do not use hot water

Drink another glass of water immediately after drinking the Fibre Cleanse. Ensure plenty of fluid throughout the day, min 8 glasses of water or more during sunny hot day as more perspiration

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