Nejlika Mother & Baby Centre
Nejlika Mother & Baby Centre

Nejlika Mother & Baby Centre

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Nejlika Mother & Baby Centre is the first in Malaysia to advocate a “Scientific approach in confinement care” that incorporates both Western and Chinese traditional methods in post-natal care. We integrated the traditional methods of post-natal care with modern scientific knowledge to provide holistic care for the mothers by introducing the special confinement diets and lifestyle that best suit Malaysian women.

Nejlika Mother & Baby Centre was established in the year 2013. We are grateful for the support of mothers who have chosen us in the past 8 years, that has motivated us to expand from a small-scale confinement centre into today – a luxurious five-star, brand new renovated, 5-storeys hotel-style centre with 33 private rooms, private lift and 5-tier access card and security system.


No. 1, Jalan Perdana 10/10,  Pandan Perdana, 68000 Ampang Selangor.

For more information, call them at 011-5678 7493, email them at or visit their website and Facebook page.

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  1. Xinxin19
    1 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 15, 2021

    This is my second stay at the Nejlika Maternal and Child Centre. In contrast to my first stay, the centre has been upgraded to a hotel style, completely rebuilt, and extremely beautiful and pleasant. Each room has its own bathroom, mini ice maker, safe box, TV, and other amenities. Furthermore, the centre supplies mother and baby garments and everyday basics, such as baby milk powder and diapers, so my luggage is also minimal. The centre was redesigned, but the same faces remained.


    这已经是我第二次入住Nejlika享孕母婴中心了。和第一胎不一样的是,中心已提升至hotel style,全新装修, 非常美观+舒服。

    每间房间有独立的的浴室、小冰厨、safe box、电视机 等等。另外,中心也提供妈妈和宝宝衣服与日常用品,这也包括了宝宝的奶粉和尿片,所以我的行李也非常轻简。



    享孕是非常提倡母乳喂养的。记得我第一次来这里坐月,泌乳师和护士都非常乐意指导我哺乳的姿势和知识,使我顺利完成一年的哺乳之路。有了第一胎的经验, 这一胎我在哺乳方面也相当得心应手。

    食物方面,中心是提供一天五餐的。厨师都很别出新裁,menu几乎不重复。我都很满意他们的食物, 餐餐清盘。中医师也会跟着妈妈的体质调配适合的汤水,让妈妈尽快回复元气。

    原本以为一个人来坐月会是枯燥乏味的。其实不然。中心会通过zoom call授课,其中包括哺乳和宝宝按摩课程,让妈妈在坐月的日子过得很充实,又可以掌握育儿的知识。

    宝宝安全健康,妈妈自然安心。中心设立了独立的宝宝室,每个宝宝都拥有自己的房间, 这无疑解除了妈妈对疫情的担忧。育婴室的设计在其他月子中心都找不到的。此外,儿科医生也会每个星期检查宝宝,并解答妈妈的疑问。

    感谢享孕对妈妈和宝宝的爱护?? 谢谢你们的用心, 特别在这个疫情期间很努力的遵守SOP, 保障妈妈们和宝宝们的安全。


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