Navalli Hill Lighbulb Loose Powder

Product Details

Refine purple mineral powder recolor & brighten up any dull/tint colored makeup. Using the light birefringence theory,  purple mineral have the ability to auto guide the reflection of light & change the color index, in other words, this mineral are able to reduce the darker color of your skin. Loose powder works to refine pores, while the amino acid kept the moisture on your skin, a solution to dull colored makeup, breath life into your dull colored face!
Adaptive Ability 
NH’s Lightbulb Loose Powder is an oil-free product, suitable for all skin types(even sensitive skin), the purple mineral will eliminate any darker skin tone to result in even & brighter makeup effect!
Nature Ingredients
Extract from the mineral group of MICA(sheet silicate) minerals, to create nature brightness/shine, it’s time to say bye-bye to the pale-looking loose powder. NH’s Lightbulb Loose Powder also  include microcrystalline cellulose that serve as anti-caking agent, smoothen your skin evenly for better makeup result.
New Coverage Technology
With amino acid, NH’s Lightbulb Loose Powder will lock the moisture on your skin, and prevent your makeup to dry off, result in longer lasting effect!
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