Navalli Hill Double Lasting Odor-Free Blender Sponge

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Double Lasting Blender is latex-free & non-allergenic, it can be used on either damp or dry. It’s washable, reusable & odor-free. The fine tip covers imperfections and is perfect for blending in small corners of the face, the flat shape blends the contour around the eyes and nose, and the rounded bottom can be used to roll on foundation and blend large areas of the face.
Navalli Hill Double Lasting Blender
NH’s Blender will expand while damped with water. Damped blender is used to maintain the shine & light makeup result, while used dry, is good for coverage effect.
To clean, use PH-neutral cleanser to soak up the blender 7 push out the makeup waste, then clean with water thoroughly, left in room temperature to dry off. Do not dry under the hot sun.
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