WATSONS Naturals by Watsons Argan Body Scrub

Product Details

WATSONS Naturals by Watsons Argan Body Scrub is formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil to nourish and revitalise skin. Known as “liquid gold”, this precious oil improves elesticity for youthful, radiant-looking skin. This body scrub boosts the skin’s radiance, thanks to 100% natural exfoliators, which smooth the skin without leaving dry. Free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicones, Colourants, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Soap, Isothiazolinone (MIT, CMIT, BIT).

Usage instructions:

During your bath or shower, apply an appropriate amount of NBW Argan Body Scrub onto your palm. Gently massage all over your body. Greater pressure can be applied to rough areas such as elbows, heels and knees for better results. Rinse off thoroughly with water. For optimal results, use it twice a week in conjunction with the Argan Bath & Body Care range.

  1. Mimi81
    177 reviews

    Tertarik kerana minyak Argan.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 25, 2017

    Skrub ini membantu saya untuk menghilangkan kesan daki dibadan. Apa yang saya rasa, teksturnya sesuai dengan permukaan kulit saya. Cumanya, pembungkusan tidak sesuai untuk urusan diluar.

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