Natasya Gold Sunblock SPF 30

Product Details

Natasya Gold Sunblock SPF 30 refurbished penabir UVA and UVB rays that can protect the skin from UV radiation and renewed with a mixture Extract Stem Cells wine that can improve texture and skin damage and scars, fine lines and act as natural antioxidants for optimal health facial skin.

The combination of Aloe Vera specially formulated to act as a cooling agent for the skin as well as help provide moisture, softness and eliminate acne. A mixture of new formulations to improve quality cream helps provide more even skin tone and not greasy. Use Sunblock SPF 30 continuously can help brighten the skin in a short time and remove freckles.

Usage instructions:

Apply Sunblock SPF 30 evenly on the skin after using toner and moisturizer cream.

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