Nano Mekabu & Fucoidan

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Product Description

Large medical interest has intensified around fucoidan with more than 900 published clinical studies. Nano Fucoidan uses original fucoidan from Okinawa, Japan with dosage equaling the amount of fucoidan typically consumed daily in the traditional Japanese diet.

Key Benefit

Promotes healthy immune function, cell-to-cell communication, tissue maintenance as a cancer-targeted functional supplement via 3 simultaneous mechanism i.e. inhibiting tumour cell growth, apoptosis and anti-metastasis.


Anyone. Highly recommended for mature adult with family history of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes etc., as an effective prevention. May also be taken as a supporting alternative therapy along with medical treatment for better recovery. Can be taken by healthy adult as a optimal health maintenance.

How to Consume

Take 5-caps with lukewarm water before bed. For user with existing health condition, take 5-caps twice a day. Consume everyday for optimal results.


Product is manufactured under Japan highest JHNFA and JFRL standards. HALAL-certified.

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