MyGenius Kindergarten – Mandarin-Based Kindergarten
MyGenius Kindergarten – Mandarin-Based Kindergarten

MyGenius Kindergarten – Mandarin-Based Kindergarten

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Not only is learning an additional language fun and exciting, but it also opens your kids up to a host of career prospects, in particular Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the world.

At MyGenius Kindergarten, children are introduced to its Mandarin programme at a very early age, designed to prepare them with a solid foundation in the language. Its graduates are able to carry conversations effortlessly in Mandarin and identify at least 500 Chinese characters by the time they enrol into Chinese primary schools, even those without a Chinese-speaking background.

Ever ready to give your kids a head start in their education journey is a team of highly-trained teachers – Mandarin-speaking grads in Early Childhood Education – who are passionate about making a difference in your child’s life through a custom-tailored curriculum delivered by way of MyGenius Creative Teaching. The fun and enriching programme includes Trilingual Mastery (Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia), math, science, physical development, music and movement, art and craft, along with speech and drama, thoughtfully curated to instill in your child confidence, high standard of ethics, good moral behaviour and build character.

After all, isn’t it every parent’s dream to raise their children to become valuable, upstanding members of society?

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