Mustela Stelaker Kerato-Regulating Care

Product Details

STELAKER® Cradle cap cream has been specially formulated for newborns and babies. It eliminates cradle cap with its combination of innovative natural-origin ingredients:

  • Cradle cap is rapidly eliminated and overly active sebum glands are regulated by a combination of gentle new keratin regulators.
  • The spread of micro-organisms is limited by purifying agents.
  • Sensations of discomfort are rapidly relieved with Aloe Vera and borage oil, which soothe and hydrate.


Apply to the cradle cap in the evening before bed and gently massage into the area. Leave on throughout the night. In the morning, gently brush your baby’s hair with a soft brush and clean their head with a mild shampoo, such as Mustela Bébé Foam shampoo for newborns. Also clean any areas on the face which may be affected with your usual face hygiene product. Repeat every day for 15 days.
You should consult your doctor in the following cases:

  • No improvement even after 2 weeks, despite the product being properly applied.
  • Appearance of rough red patches on other parts of the body (face and diaper area in particular).
  • Presence of general redness (inflammation) or of a flare-up of spots in the area concerned.

Pleasant to use

With its light and creamy texture, STELAKER® Keratin regulator is easy and pleasant to apply. It does not stick, does not leave an oily film on the skin and can be rinsed off easily. It does not stain sheets or clothes.

40 ml tube.

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